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Childs Fourth Christmas, Boy - UNDATED

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2006 Child's Fourth Christmas
Item #:
Name: 2006 Child's Fourth Christmas - UNDATED

Ornament Type: Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 
Item Condition:
Mint in Box

In 2007 Hallmark discontinued the Child's Age Collection featuring the puppies and kittens. Hallmark intended for collectors to purchase all the ornaments needed to finish their collections from the undated ornaments available in 2007.

The Hallmark Child's Fourth, both the puppy and the kitten are the hard to find. As a less expensive alternative we are offering this UNDATED Child's Fourth Christmas, Boy ornament. The ornament box will indicate - "Dated" - but we have removed the date from the puppy's shirt resulting in an UNDATED ornament.
Artist: Tammy Haddix Additional Item Information:
Size: " H
Dated: No (see above)
Power Source: N/A


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