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1979 Cloth Doll, Clara Barton - NB

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DT1144 - Cloth Doll
Issued in 1979 for $4.00

Born on December 25, 1821 in Oxford, Mass., the youngest of 5 children in a middle-class family, Clara Barton was educated at home, and at 15 started teaching school. Her most notable antebellum achievement was the establishment of a free public school in Bordentown, N.J. Though she is remembered as the founder of the American Red Cross, her only prewar medical experience came when for 2 years she nursed an invalid brother.
By the end of the war Barton had performed most of the services that would later he associated with the American Red Cross, which she founded in 1881. In 1904 she resigned as head of that organization, retiring to her home at Glen Echo, outside Washington, D.C., where she died 12 Apr. 1912.

Mint/New Condtion, no box
6 1/2" H

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