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1993 Frosty Friends 20th Anniversary Igloo

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Commemorates 20 years of Hallmark Keepsakes
Part Number: QX5682
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1993 Frosty Friends Anniversary Edition
Complements the Frosty Friend series
- 1993 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament - 

Item # QX5682
Item Condition: Mint ornament in Mint Box

"Decorating the Igloo"
The 1993 Anniversary Edition Frosty Friends ornament commemorates 20 years of Hallmark Keepsake Christmas ornaments. Our eskimo friend and his penguin pal are busy decorating the igloo with a garland and wreath. Inside the igloo, the husky dog is helping with gift wrapping. He's cozy in front of the fireplace. A sign above the fireplace reads "Home Sweet Dome"
The ornament is dated "1973" on one side of the igloo and "1993" on the other. This ornament complements the Frosty Friends series, but is not a numbered piece in the series. 
Size: 2 ½" H x 3 1/8" W
Dated: Yes, Dated 1993
Artist: Ed Seale
Handcrafted and Acrylic

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