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1996 Rocking Horse - 14" Tabletop Black RARE Limited Edition

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1996 Rocking Horse - Black

 Large 14" Tabletop

RARE Limited Edition - VERY HARD TO FIND

MINT CONDITION HORSE , it was not sold in a decorative box.

Artist Signed by Keepsake Artist Linda Sickman & by the Painter of the Horse

Hallmark offered two beautiful wooden Table Top Rocking Horses. The first in 1995 was a tabletop version of the 1981 #1 in the Rocking Horse Series ornament - Palamino horse.  It was only available via mail order at a cost of $195. and limited and numbered edition of 1000.

In 1996 a second table top  horse was offered by both mail order and in store.  Limited and numbered edition of 2000 at a cost of $225.  It is the large version of the 1992 #2 om the Rocking Horse Series ornament - Black horse.

Both horses are made of wood with a high quality painted finish.  An engraved brass plaque on the rocker shows it's unique number in the limited edition.  Horses were hand signed prior to shipping.  Both measure 14"L x 11"H x 3 1/2" W.

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