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1996 Vehicles of Star Wars - Miniature set of 3

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1996 Vehicles of Star Trek
- 1996 Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Ornament - 

Item # QXM4024
Item Condition: Mint ornament in Mint Box

Hallmark Star Wars OrnamentsStar Wars
This set of miniature Keepsake ornaments depicts the All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) or "walker" (dated 96) from the motion picture The Empire Strikes Back, as well as an X-Wing fighter and TIE fighter - both introduced in the movie Star Wars.
Size:    AT-AT: 1¼" x 1"    X-Wing: 1" x ½"     TIE Fighter: 1" x 1"
Dated:  Yes, Dated 1996
 Artist:  Dill Rhodus

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