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2001 Mini Harley-Davidson #3 - 1947 Servi-Car *Miniature

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Miniature 1947 Servi Car
Part Number: QXI5282
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2001 Miniature Harley Davidson #3
2001 Hallmark Miniature Ornament
Item #:QXM5282
Item Condition:
Mint ornament in Mint Box

Third in the Miniature Harley-Davidson Motorcycles series. These miniature ornaments are die-cast metal and the wheels turn! The third ornament in the Miniature Harley Davidson series features the 1947 Servi Car. The 2001 Miniature Harley is one of the hardest to find in the series.
Artist: Don Palmiter
Additional Item Information:
Size: 1" W
Dated: N/A
Power Source: N/A

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