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2004 At the Ballpark #9 - Barry Bonds

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Barry Bonds, San Francisco
Part Number: QX8551
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2004 At The Ballpark #9 - Barry Bonds
- 2004 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament - 

Item # QX8551
Item Condition: Mint ornament in Mint Box

9th in the At the Ballpark series is Barry Bonds -

On ornament box:
Show Barry Bonds a record, and he'll smash it just as
easily as he smashes homers out of the park. The San Francisco
Giants left fielder is well on his way to tying Willie Mays at
third place on the list of all-time highest home run hitters-
behind only Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. In October 2001,
Bonds surpassed Mark McGwire's single season home run
record of 70 - but he didn't stop there. He finished the season
with 73 home runs. Just how far he will go - on the field
and in the record books - is yet to be seen.

Size:  5" H
Dated: Not Noted
Artist:  Not Noted

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