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2011 Mischievous Hiding Elves -bendable arms & legs

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Meet Jingle and Jangle
Part Number: QXG4709
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2011 The Mischievous Hiding Elves
2011 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament
Item #:QXG4709
       Item Condition: New / Mint Box

Hide Jingle and Jangle on the tree and have your little helpers put them back together. Bendable arms and legs. Set of 2 ornaments.
The ornament comes with a poem to share:
Jingle the elf and Jangle, his brother--
Wherever there's one, well, here comes the other!
When they're together, it's calm on the tree,
But if they're alone, then there's mischief, you see!
They climb, and they laugh, and they twist on each branch,
They might slip and then fall! Look out! Avalanche!
So always keep looking in fair or foul weather--
If you find them apart, put them right back together! 

Artist:   Cullen Brown
Additional Item Information:
Size:  6" x 5½" x 1½"
Dated: Not Noted
Power Source:  None

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