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2011 Mrs Claus' Cupboard, EVENT *No Price Tag

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Your Price: $249.95
KOC 25th Class Reunion
Part Number: QXC5033-NPT
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2011 Mrs. Claus' Cupboard
2011 Hallmark Keepsake Event Ornament
Item #:QXC5033
Item Condition:
Mint ornament in Box Missing Price Tag

This ornament was originally a KOC 25th Class Reunion national event exclusive.
Artist Information:
Design Concept and Art Direction--Edythe Kegrize
Cabinet Structure and Decorative Side Detail--Robert Hurlburt
Holly Trim on Cabinet--Don Palmiter
Snowflake Trim on Doors--Valerie Shanks
Pipe in Gift Box on Top--Joanne Eschrich
Wreath--Tammy Haddix

Top Shelf:
Tree Plate--Terri Steiger,  Santa Mug--Ken Crow, Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers--Nina Aubé, Santa Head Plate--Robert Chad, Reindeer and Sleigh Toothpick Holder--Mike Adair, Pitcher--Rodney Gentry

Middle Shelf: Cookbooks--Diana McGehee, Basket of Cookies--Deb Murray, Snowman Teapot--Julie Forsyth, Teacups and Snowman--Cullen Brown

Bottom Shelf:
Penguin Canister Set--Orville Wilson, Gingerbread House--Anita Marra Rogers, Cookie Tree--Sharon Visker, Oven Mitt--Katrina Bricker

Tiered Treat Plates:  Snowman Cupcake--Bob Kolar, Sugar Cookies--Becky Hottel, Cupcakes Bottom Layer--Ruth Donikowski

Inside Cabinet Doors: Bread Board and Rolling Pin--Steve Goslin, Bowl with Cookie Cutters--Sue Tague, Tree Muffin Tin--Nello Williams, Basket--Tracy Larsen, Cat--Kristina Gaughran, Pot Holder--Tom Best

Color Team:  Lisa Vogel, Diana McGehee, Joanne Eschrich, Edythe Kegrize, Nina Aubé, Jennifer Swanson, Valerie Shanks

Size: 3.6" x 5.5" x 1.7"
Dated: Not Noted
Power Source: N/A

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