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2011 Seasons Treatings COLORWAY, ATLANTA - Rare & Artist Signed

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Retailer Gift - Atlanta Gift Market
Part Number: QX8739CATL
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2011 Season's Treatings Repaint / Colorway
2011 Hallmark Keepsake Club Event / Colorway Ornament
Item #:QX8739C-2
Item Condition:
Mint ornament in Mint Box

This Hallmark Keepsake repaint or colorway ornament was originally gifted to retailers at the January 2011 Atlanta Gift Market.  ARTIST SIGNED - Signed by Sharon Visker
There are actually 3 different 2011 Season's Treatings.
1 - the original Season's Treatings #3 in the series.
2 - the repaint available at the 25th Class Reunion KOC national event.
3 - AND THIS ONE - the repaint given to retailers visiting the Atlanta Gift Market in January 2011
Additional Item Information:
Size: 3" H
Dated: Not Noted
Power Source: N/A

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