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2011 Sweet Snowmouse - KOC Event Exclusive

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Keepsake Ornament Club Event Exclusive
Part Number: QXC5031
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2011 Sweet Snowmouse
2011 Hallmark Keepsake Event Ornament
Item #:QXC5031
Item Condition:
Mint ornament in Mint Box

A little mouse, dressed warmly for the weather, decorates a snowmouse inside a cookie cutter frame. 
This ornament was originally a KOC 25th Class Reunion national event exclusive.
We learned at the event...there will be a series that begins in 2012 which this ornament will complement!
Complements the Cookie Cutter Christmas series.
Some last-minute work
on the smile, and it's done!
A marshmallow "snowmouse" -
now isn't that fun?
With peppermint arms
and a pink candy heart,
this sweet "mousterpiece"
is a real work of art!
ArtistNina Aubé
Additional Item Information:
Size: 2.6" H
Dated: No, Not Dated
Power Source: N/A

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