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2012 Mrs. Claus' Stove - Event Exclusive Limited Edition

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2012 Artist Signing Event Piece
Part Number: QMP5040
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2012 Mrs. Claus' Stove
2012 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament
Item #:QMP5040
Item Condition:
Mint ornament in Mint Box

Mrs. Claus' Stove - 2012 In Store Signing Event Piece
Exclusive Limited Edition Piece
Superb Detail and Very Hard to Obtain!
One of the most fun traditions in the Keepsake Studio is the collaboration on the annual event piece-each artist loves to add his or her special touch! This year's piece is Mrs. Claus's Stove, which is always cooking up some holiday magic during the month of December!

Keepsake Artist contributions:

Design Concept and Art Direction - Edythe Kegrize
Stove Structure - Robert Hurlburt
Stove Decoration- Don Palmiter, Valerie Shanks
Stove Doorplate - Tom Best

Top Shelf:
Salt and Pepper Shakers - Tracy Larsen

Second Shelf:
Cookie Mold - Julie Forsyth
Santa Match Holder - Tammy Haddix
Canister Set - Diana McGehee

Stove Top:
Coffeepot - Ken Crow
Snowflake Pot - Rodney Gentry
Snowflake Trivet - Nello Williams
Utensil Holder and Utensils - Sharon Visker
Cookie Sheet - Orville WIlson
Cookies on Sheet - Ruth Donikowski, Nina Aubé, Bob Kolar, Joanne Eschrich, Cullen Brown, Kristina Gaughran

Inside Oven Door:
Pie - Anita Marra Rogers
Cookie Sheet - Orville Wilson
Cookies -  Valerie Shanks, Debra Murray

Outside of Stove:
Bread - Terri Steiger
Boots - Robert Chad
Mouse in Boot - Becky Hottel

Color Team and Technical Details - Lisa Vogel, Nita Obbink, Susan Weiland, Jennifer Swanson, Diana McGehee
Artist:  Studio Piece / Multi Artists
Additional Item Information:
Size:  5 1/2" H
Dated: - -
Power Source: N/A

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