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2014 Holiday Barbie #2 by Am Greetings

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Carlton Heirloom Ornament
Part Number: CXOR063F
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2014 Holiday Barbie #2 in Series
- 2014 American Greetings Ornament - 

Item # CXOR063F
Item Condition: New, Mint ornament in Mint Box

African American Holiday Barbie Christmas Ornament | Carlton Heirloom Christmas OrnamentsCOLLECTORS VERSION, Second in the Holiday Barbie series from Carlton Cards.

Barbie looks splendid in her red & gold ball gown with Satin Ribbon and real lace embellishments
*This SECOND IN THE SERIES ornament as stated on the box, has #2 embossed on the bottom of the ornament.

NOTE: This is the collectors version, 2nd in series with fabric embellishments.  
The lower priced version available at discount stores, is smaller in size, different sculped face, no fabric details and not a numbered series.

Size: 4.14" x 3.56" 
Note: Barbie ornaments will not be offered in the 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament line.  The licensing for Barbie ornaments is now exclusively held by American Greetings for their Carlton Heirloom ornament line.

Carlton Heirloom Ornaments
Carlton Heirloom Ornaments from American Geetings

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In Stock - Ships Next Business Day
In Stock - Ships Next Business Day

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