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2015 - 2016 Comic Con Xenomorph: Egg to Alien - only 1350 produced!

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2015 Alien Xenomorph  : From Egg to Alien
Hallmark Comic-Con Exclusive Ornament - 

Item # QMP4094
Item Condition: New, Mint ornament in Mint Box

Inspired by the 1979 science fiction/horror classic, Alien, this Keepsake ornament created exclusively for event sales depicts a fully grown humanoid alien crouched next to an egg from which a fellow creature will be spawned.

This LIMITED QUANTITY Special Edition ornament was originally available for purchase at the 2015 Comic-Con events.
Limited Edition size of 1,350.

When the spacecraft Nostromo landed on planet LV-426,
its crew members could not have imagined the horrifying
creature that awaited them. From egg to facehugger
to chestburster to fully-grown humanoid terror,
the "Xenomorph" hunted the ship's crew until only
Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley was left standing.

Designed by visionary artist H.R. Giger, the Xenomorph
has shocked, haunted and delighted audiences
for more than three decades.

Ornament box dated "2015 Event Exclusive"

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