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2015 Santa's Christmas Train - EVENT EXCLUSIVE

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2015 Santa's Christmas Train
- 2015 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament - 

Item #:
Item Condition: New , Mint in Box

This signature piece features work from 28 Hallmark Artists and will be available for purchase to the ATTENDEES at the 2015 National Event - Destination Keepsakes.  EVENT EXCLUSIVE

Size:  5 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 3 3/8"
Dated: - Yes Dated 2015 on the side of the train

NOTE:  A RED colored version was offered in 2016 to Keepsake ornament club members.

Artist:  All 28 Hallmark Keepsake Artists sculpted parts of this piece

Design Concept and Art Direction
Edythe Kegrize

Overall train structure and runners: Robert Hurlburt
Roof snowflake design: Terri Steiger
Back panel and sides snowflake designs: Tom Best
Smokestack and engine body snowflake designs: Matt Johnson
Face on front: Tracy Larsen
Cow catcher: Deborah Murray
Snowflake wheels: Valerie Shanks
Lantern: Ken Crow
Bell: Nello Williams
Swirling smoke: Julie Forsyth

Santa: Kris Gaughran
Dog: Anita Marra Rogers
Bird: Becky Hottel
Mouse: Nina Aubè
Elf in cab: Robert Chad
Reindeer in cab: Sharon Visker

Toy sack: Jake Angell
Baseball glove: Tammy Haddix
Plane: Orville Wilson
Guitar: Rodney Gentry
Teddy bear: Ruth Donikowski
Stuffed bunny: Joanne Eschrich

Color and Technical Team
Susan Wieland, Nita Obbink, Jennifer Swanson, Lisa Vogel, Diana McGehee                    

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