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2016 Santa's Workbench - Signed by Joanne Eschrich

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Artist Signed by Edythe Kegrize
Part Number: QX5144sign
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2016 Santa's Workbench
2016 Hallmark Keepsake Artists Studio Ornament

Item # QX5144 signed
Condition: New, Mint in Mint Box

Artist Signed by Joanne Eschrich!!

The 2016 Santa's Workbench is the Keepsake Artists Studio ornament signing piece for the 2016 artist signing events. From July 30 - Sept 24 signing events were held in 16 different locations around the US.

Keepsake artist, Edythe Kegrize, is responsible for the concept, design and art direction of the Santa's Workbench. Each of the Hallmark Studio artists contributes to the project to create the intricately detailed studio edition.

Design, Concept & Art Direction - Edythe Kegrize
Workbench Structure - Robert Hurlburt
Workbench Decorative Details - Terri Steiger
Tool Backdrop Artwork - Tom Best
Kitten - Anita Marra Rogers
Santa Mug - Nina Aubé
Plate with Cookies - Joanne Eschrich
Snowman Pencil Cup - Jake Angell
Paint Can & Paint Brush - Rodney Gentry
Locomotive - Ken Crow
Hammer - Robert Chad
Blueprints - Matt Johnson
Snowman Pipe - Tammy Haddix
Penguin Pencil Cup - Sharon Visker
Mouse - Ruth Donikowski
Rocking Horse - Orville Wilson
Hand Planer - Debra Nielsen
Nutcracker Trio - Tracy Larsen
Toy Duck - Kris Gaughran
Tool box with Hand Drill - Nello Williams

Artist:   Studio Artist Edition (See details above)

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