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2019 COMIC CON - Wild Ride on Endor - EWOK - Only 3200 made!

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Your Price: $268.95
Part Number: QMP4103
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2019 Wild Ride on Endor - Comic Con Exclusive with Ewok
2019 Hallmark Keepsake Comic Con Pop Minded Ornament
Item #: QMP4103
Condition: Mint ornament in Mint Box

COMIC CON Exclusive - Ornament is one of 3200
Press the button to hear memorable moments from this exciting scene.

When Rebel Alliance commandos plotted to destroy the second Death Star while under construction in the Endor system, they found unlikely native allies in the form of Ewoks.
Paploo, a skilled Ewok scout, hopped aboard an outsized Imperial speeder bike and raced among the tall trees of the forest moon, thus distracting Imperial troops
and allowing a team led by Han Solo to storm the site of a shield generator protecting the battle station.
  • 2019 Comic Con Event Exclusive LE 3200!
  • Magic Sound Christmas tree ornament
  • Measures 6.05" W x 2.77" H x 1.44" D


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