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2020 Cozy Christmas Selfie - MUSICAL TABLETOP Plush

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Part Number: KCX1041
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2020 Cozy Christmas Selfie
2020 Hallmark Keepsake MUSICAL 8" TABLETOP

Item # KCX1041
Condition: Mint Ornament in Mint Box

  • Storytime Snowman Interactive Techno Plush Singing Selfie Snowmen
  • Press the button to watch the snowmen move and sing to a fun version of "Jingle Bells."
  • Song lyrics: Gather 'round, sweaters on. Now everybody grin. Let's take a family photo we can share with all our friends. Lean in close. Silly face. Furry family, too! There's lots of cozy memories we want to share with you. Everyone say "Cookies! Cookies!"
  • Measures: 8" x 7" x 6.5"

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