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2021 Battleship Hasbro - Ornament

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2021 Battleship Hasbro
2021 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Item #:  QXI7252
Condition: New Mint Condition
Will the coordinates you guess be a hit or a miss? With some strategic planning—and a little luck—you can plot to sink your opponent's fleet before he sinks yours and win this classic board game. Bring back memories of declaring "You sunk my battleship!" with this game-inspired Christmas tree ornament that features miniature versions of the iconic blue and red Battleship boards filled with gray ships and red and white tracking pegs.
  • Artist crafted by Tom Best and Matt Johnson
  • Dated 2021 in copyright.
  • Materials: Plastic 
  • Measures 1.92" W x 1.8" H x 1.53" D.
Hasbro® Battleship® Ornament, , licensedLogo Hasbro® Battleship® Ornament, , licensedLogo

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In Stock - Ships Next Business Day
In Stock - Ships Next Business Day

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