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2021 Rocking Horse, Metal Special Club Edition

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Your Price: $9.99
Part Number: QXC5615
Availability: In Stock - Ships Next Business Day
2021 Rocking Horse, Metal
2021 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament
Item #:  QXC5615
Condition: Mint Ornament in Mint Box

Features a metal rocking horse.

This ornament was issued in limited quantities and only available as an end-of-year "Thank You" gift to KOC members for being part of the KOC family.

  • Artist: Terri Steiger
  • Released: 2021 (December)
  • Retail Price: FREE (valued at 9.99 USA)
  • Material(s): metal
  • Dimensions:

*FREE for Keepsake Ornament Club members with the purchase of a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament priced at $9.99 USA or more in December 2021. (Limit 1 exclusive ornament per KOC membership, while supplies last.)

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