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2022 Crayola Art School FIGURINE - Tails with Heart

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Tails with Heart Figurine

Item # 6008818
Condition: Mint in Box

Masterfully made, this mouse house is formed from imagination itself. Built from a Crayola box, this school for mice is complete with sign and chimney. Mice students and teacher prepare for a new day of possibility at the Crayola Art School.
  • Figurine
  • 4.6 in H
  • Introduced: January 2021
  • Crayola Art School from the Tails with Heart & Crayola collection
  • Mice and Crayola, what a perfectly sized match.
  • The Tails With Heart mice always bring a touch of sweetness wherever they go!
  • Crafted from high-quality stone resin with stunning crystal accents

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