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  • Artist Lists
    Artists lists provide a list of ornaments sculpted by each artist. Lists and artist photos are provided by Hallmark Cards, Inc, Joyce Lyle (Angel Works Art) and Nancy Copeland. These lists are provided for your personal use and enjoyment, the ornaments and collectibles listed within are not being offered as free gifts. The links below will take you to our Ornaments by Artist pages where you can view the ornaments or access the printable PDF.

Mike Adair

Patricia Andrews

Hallmark Artist Jake Angell
Jake Angell

Nina Aubé

Tom Best

Katrina Bricker

Cullen Brown

Robert Chad

Ken Crow

Mike Dirham

Ruth Donikowski

Joanne Eschrich

Lane Feuer

John "Collin" Francis
Rudy Garcia

Kristina Gaughran
Rodney GentrySteve Goslin
Tammy Haddix
Becky Hottel
Robert Hurlburt
Matt Johnson
Edythe Kegrize


John "Collin" Francis

Rudy Garcia

Rich LaPierre

Donna Lee

 Joyce Lyle (RET)

Diana McGehee 

Martha Muldaver


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Dreambook Supplements
Each Dreambook supplement includes pictures and information on Hallmark Ornaments and Collectibles not included in the yearly Dreambook. A huge thank you to Marc (KCCPursuit) for the Dreambook Supplements, you will find that these supplements are a huge help in tracking your collection and they are simply beautifully done.
*Please remember, these printable pages are available for you to download and/or print for your personal enjoyment - the ornament and collectibles displayed in these guides are NOT being offered as free gifts. We do, in most cases, offer the items for sale on our website.