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Coca Cola Santa Musical Snow Globe - Motion & Music

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PR2377 -Snow Globe Issued by Hallmark in 2001

Plays "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (in perfect harmony)" and the TRAIN AROUND THE BASE REVOLVES!
The train includes engine and 4 cars.
Santa takes a break, drinking a coke as he sits surrounded by toys.
windup music and motion (no batteries required)
7 1/2" H

The beloved "Coca-Cola Santa" was created by famed commercial illustrator Haddon Sunblom for the Coca-Cola Company in a series of images that were painted between 1931 and 1964.
Sunblom used a salesman friend as the model for the first few Santa images he created for "Coca-Cola". After the friend died, Sunblom used himself as the model. The body of work, through extensive advertising, became America's perception of Santa Claus/ Prior to that time, the image of Santa Claus was not standard as to his body shape or the color of his clothes.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the heavy weight of this item an addition $9.95 USA shipping charge will be applied (this charge is not waived during shipping promotions) (International shipping will be actual postage cost)
*** All snow globes have air bubbles at the top. In addition, all of our snow globes are sold as "In Original Box" rather than "Mint In Box". Due to their size and weight, box may have an indentation or crease.

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