Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
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    • Do you buy Hallmark ornaments/collectibles? How does that work?
         Hooked on Ornaments does consider for sale lists from time to time. When we are accepting lists you will find a list of specific items we are looking for on our
      Liquidating Your Collection page. This page will also include instructions for submitting a list of items for sale. We do not sell on consignment. 

    • My Hallmark Magic ornament is broken, do you know where I can get it fixed? Where can I purchase parts or replacement boxes?
           Unfortunately, to our knowledge, there is no one who offers repair, parts or empty boxes for the Hallmark ornaments.
      In most cases, we can help with locating a replacement ornament. If you are looking for parts or empty boxes, we suggest keeping an eye on ebay.

    • Is Hooked on Ornaments/Hooked on Hallmark part of Hallmark Cards, Inc.
           No, Hooked on Ornaments is not affiliated with Hallmark Cards, Inc. Hooked on Ornaments IS the leader in the Hallmark Collectibles Secondary Market.
      Our extensive knowledge of Hallmark collecting allows us to proudly offer:  an up to date and friendly website, a vast inventory of past year Hallmark ornaments and collectibles,
      prices below the current secondary market values, frequent fun and friendly sales and promotions, expert information on Hallmark collecting from our knowledgeable and friendly staff, quick professional shipping, and outstanding customer service.

    • How do I redeem my Gold Crown points at Hooked on Ornaments? Do I earn Gold Crown points with my Hooked on Ornaments order?
           Hooked on Ornaments is not affiliated with Hallmark Cards, so we are not able to credit your Hallmark Gold Crown account for your Hooked on Ornaments purchase.

    • Are the ornaments .... new, never used, never removed from the box?
           Current year and recent year (last 3-5 years) ornaments are new, direct from Hallmark stores and warehouses.

           Older ornaments - Our inventory comes from a wide variety of sources including stores, secondary market dealers, private collectors, auctions, etc.
      We do not track where any particular item was purchased from and are unable to indicate whether an item was previously owned or never removed from the box.
      We do GUARANTEE that all ornaments and collectibles should be in undamaged/mint condition, only the box condition may vary, as indicated by the item name/description.
      An item sold as Mint in Box, should appear new, regardless of where it was purchased.

    • I don't see a box condition listed? Is the ornament and box mint?
      Due to space constraints Item Names ONLY include box condition if it is less than MINT. When you click on the item name or thumbnail to view the item description page you will see the condition 'spelled out'
      As always, the ornament/collectible should ALWAYS be mint - the condition refers to the box only.

    • What does - SDB, DB, NB mean?
           These are the standard Hallmark collectible abbreviations used to indicate  box condition. Ornaments/collectibles are always mint, unless specified otherwise.
      Our inventory is graded as follows:

           SDB - Slightly Damaged Box - slight damaged may be found upon close examination
           DB - Damaged Box - box is noticeably damaged
           NB - No Box - missing the original box

    • What is a Repaint or Colorway ornament?
           A repaint or colorway ornament is a specially produced ornament offered as a Special or Limited Edition.  Hallmark takes an ornament mold from the regular Keepsake line and paints it differently from the original ornament. The ornament is produced in much smaller quantities than the regular line ornament. The specially painted Repaint or Colorway ornament may be offered for purchase at a special event or it may be available as a prize. Values for these ornaments vary depending upon the production size, how difficult it was to get the ornament and the subject of the ornament.  (
      View Repaints )

    • What is a Prototype?
           A prototype is a pre-production ornament. Prototypes may be original artist sculpts or pre-manufacturing test pieces. Prototypes are some of the most sought after and most illusive Hallmark collectibles as they are literally one of a kinds.  (
      View Rare & Prototypes )

    • Not all of my ornaments have Collector Cards?
           Hallmark Collector cards were included with Hallmark Keepsake ornaments from 2002 - 2005. Additionally, some 2002-2005 ornaments were issued without Collector Cards - Special Edition ornaments and ornaments that were issued in boxes with clear plastic fronts (like the Club Barbies) were not issued with Collector Cards.

    • Where are you located? Can I come there and shop?
           The Hooked on Ornaments warehouse is located in Olathe, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. We do not offer a showroom. If you are local, you can indicate on your order that you would like to pick your order up and we will refund your shipping charges when you pick up your order. We do offer occasional warehouse sales where we are open to the public. You can find these listed on our
      Visit Us page.