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Liquidating Your Collection

Liquidating Your Hallmark Ornament Collection

Thank you for your interest.

Hooked on Ornaments is currently not purchasing.
Based on current inventory levels we will not be considering any for sale lists or collections this year.
We will possibly begin looking at for sale lists in Spring 2018.

When we are ready to receive lists this page will include a list of specific items we are looking for along with instructions for submitting a list of items for sale.

A basic for sale list will include a list of items for sale noting the box condition and quantities available along with your asking price for each item and/or your price for the collection as a whole.
You would need to indicate whether you are willing to sell individual pieces from the collection or only as a lot.
If you need to sell right away we suggest Ebay,
the Yulelog Buy/Sell Bulletin Board - www.yulelog.com 
There is also an active Hallmark Buy, Sell, Trade group on Facebook.
We wish you the best of luck liquidating your collection.

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