We are currently "IN Season" and we are NOT currently looking at for sale lists.

We are primarily interested in Ornaments/Collections

> Aggressively priced to sell 
> MINT Ornaments in MINT BOXES
> Ornaments from 2000 - 2017

Specific items we're usually most interested in:   Beauty of Birds, Christmas Window Series,  Comic Con (SDCC) Exclusives,  Disney,  Fairy Messenger,  Father Christmas,  Frosty Friends,  Harley Davidson Motorcycle Series, Hall Family Cards with Ornaments,
Holiday Lighthouse Series 2012-2015,  Harry Potter,  John Deere,  Older Mayors Christmas Tree, Mischievous Kittens, Once Upon a Christmas Series, Puppy Love, Rare Repaint/Colorways, low production ornaments, Skys the Limit series, Winter Fun with Snoopy - mini series

We receive numerous calls and emails daily with ornaments/collections for sale. We already have thousands of ornaments on our shelves. Lists that are heavy on our "wants" side and priced to sell will get the quickest attention.

A basic for sale list will include a list of items for sale noting the box condition and quantities available along with your asking price for each item and/or your price for the collection as a whole.
You would need to indicate whether you are willing to sell individual pieces from the collection or only as a lot. (In general, when purchasing lots in their entirety we would expect a $ per box offer - or an asking price that takes into account that we probably already have most of the items in stock and are purchasing things we don't need to/wouldn't normally buy.)
We wish you the best of luck liquidating your collection.