Do you buy Hallmark Ornaments and Collectibles?

Please read all information below....

The Fall/Winter IN SEASON SELLING has begun, and our inventory is at an all time high.  We are FULL TO THE BRIM.  
Thus Buying is suspended until early spring , off season.
EXCEPTIONS may be made for high demand pieces that are priced low and Bulk buy collections that are priced very low.
Hooked on Ornaments buys on a limited/selective basis.  

We are interested 2000-2019 Ornaments from the following Series or Themes that are in new/like new condition:
Beauty of Birds
Christmas Commemorative Ball Series
Christmas Window Club Member Series
Comic Con (SDCC/NYCC) Exclusives
Cookie Cutter Series
Fairy Messengers
Father Christmas
Frosty Friends ,
Harley Davidson
Hall Family Cards
Holiday Lighthouse Series 2012-2015
John Deere
Little Gallery Sterling Silver Ornaments
MAGIC ornaments Light/Motion/Sound 2010-2020
Making Memories Series
Mayors Christmas Tree
Mischievous Kitten Series
Nifty Fifties
Once Upon a Christmas Series
Puppy Love Series  
RARE Repaints/Colorway Special Edition/Low Edition, Convention and Special Event ornaments,
Skys the Limit Series 
Snow Buddies, 
Snowball and Tuxedo Series
Snowtop Lodge series
Spotlight on Snoopy 
Star Wars & Star Trek
Toymaker Santa Series
Winter Fun with Snoopy
UNUSUAL , low production, rare, hard-to-find and artist prototypes are always of interest.  And if you are a former Hallmark Corp employee or are located in the Kansas City area, let us know,  that is a plus.

Currently we are well stocked with vintage , thus we are not purchasing collections that are primarily ornaments issued 1973-1999. And, are no longer buying Kiddie Car Classic Tabletop Collectibles.

Time does not allow us to answer questions by phone on this topic. Thus, we will do our best to provide you with all of the information you need on this page.

 Let's get started with our top questions...


We recommend that you go through your collection removing any ornament Hooks, ornaments that are damaged, do not function, missing parts or were displayed for a long period and are discolored or dirty. Make sure the correct ornament is in the correct box and any empty boxes are noted as such.
Grade your boxes at this time
     Mint = Like New, with NO noticeable damage, looking like it came off the shelf yesterday
     Slightly Damaged  = when you examine the box you can view fingernail indents, you can see where the box has been opened, there is slight damage
     Damaged = You can easily see the box is damaged

Typically it makes most sense to list your items by year and by series.
Include ITEM YEAR and NAME - Box Condition - Quantity Available and your ASKING PRICE 

LET US KNOW HOW MUCH YOU ARE EXPECTING FOR THE COLECTION...that really speeds up the process.

With thousands of Baby Boomers downsizng & liquidating their large collections, the market is flooded.  We urge you PRICE YOUR COLLECTION TO SELL.

Once have your ornaments listed by year and now you're wondering how to price them the following should help: 
FOR A QUICK/EASY SALE...just include your LOWEST ASKING PRICE with your list.  A $$ amount you have decided you'd be happy with to just make a quick and easy deal.  BULK BUY purchases are often priced at $1 to $2 per ornament.

If you do not want to sell in will take some time and  research to see what these items are selling for on our website, competitors' sites and on ebay SOLD items. Realize the selling prices on our website are decreased by discount coupons, sales, free shipping and free gift promos. So the selling price you see needs to be reduced by 25% to reflect the actual selling price following those discounts, and then reduced further (at least 50%) to allow for overhead and a profit.  

We love well priced , easy to read lists that we can "shop" and just buy the items we're interested in, thus you are welcome to price each item individually and then a discounted buy-it-all amount.
If you find pricing your collection too time consuming or too difficult...we will accept a "make an offer" list, IF YOU give us a general idea of the dollar amount you are expecting.  Also, expect a longer time for a reply as it will take us time to review.

Lists should be aggressively priced to sell and submitted to [email protected] or mailed to
Hooked on Ornaments, 1380 S Enterprise St, Olathe, KS  66061 

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