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Magic Cord - 7 Outlets for Hallmark 2010 - 2019 MAGIC CORD Ornaments

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Required for 2010-2018 Magic Cord Ornaments, Powers 7 ornaments
Part Number: QXG3669
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Magic Cord
2010 - 2019 Hallmark Keepsakes Magic Ornaments
Item #:QXG3669 & QXG1797
Item Condition:

MAGIC CORD -  for the 2010 to 2019 magic cord ornaments. ONLY two 2020 magic ornaments use this cord, the 2 Once Upon A Christmas Series pieces and The Happy New Year and A Job Well Done,  all other 2020 magic ornaments use the POWER Cord or are batter operated. 

This cord powers up to SEVEN
2010 - 2019  Magic Cord ornaments
(or 6 ornaments and 1 magic cord tree topper).

To create larger displays of up to 19 ornaments total, Connect up to 3 Magic Cords together end to end. (see included instructions)
The magic cord is REQUIRED for the use of 2010 - 2019 Magic Cord ornaments.  Magic Cord ornaments were first released in 2010 as the Wonder and Light Collection. In 2011 - 2019 the ornaments were sold as Magic Cord ornaments.
* Green Magic power supply cord  measures 82.75" L x 0.94" H x 0.25" D 
* ALSO INCLUDED is the black transformer...which connects to the green cord and plugs ino your wall.

SEE EXAMPLE of the cord/plug that come out of the ornament in the picture above. 

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