Guide to Christmas Tree Toppers And The Best Hallmark Tree Toppers

 Christmas trees are incredible centerpieces in most homes during the themed season. The peak of the tree, which marks the pinnacle of the story, is the tree topper. The type of topper chosen depends on several factors, including the theme and preference of the buyer. These decorative ornaments come in varying colors, shapes, and sizes. 

History of Tree Toppers

Trees toppers were used for centuries by ancient societies to decorate trees even before Christmas celebrations started. For instance, Romans used small pieces of metal to beautify trees during their Saturnalia winter celebrations in reference to Saturnus, their god of agriculture. 

It was during the 1500's when Christmas trees started gaining popularity in Europe. Some of the earliest evidence of decorated Christmas trees dates back to 1605. In those days, apples, candies, and paper roses were used to adorn the trees. Afterward, angels became the norm of tree topping due to their significance in the Christmas story. 

Queen Victoria is regarded as the person who played a significant role in popularizing the angel tree toppers. Since then, many types of toppers have been used to decorate Christmas trees. 

Common Types of Tree Toppers

Tree toppers come in varying styles and shapes. Below are some of the common types that have been used to crown Christmas trees:

  • Stars

Star-shaped tree toppers are among the most popularly used due to their significance to the Christmas occasion. They are symbolic of the stars that the wise men followed to locate the birthplace of Jesus and present gifts to the newborn baby. Most of them include lights that glow, making them appear as real stars.

  • Angels and Other Symbolic Toppers

The Angel tree toppers are symbolic of the angel Gabriel who delivered the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ to Mary the virgin. These tree toppers have their roots in the Victorian era in England. 

Christmas trees are also adorned with doll-like toppers that symbolize this season's notable characters, such as Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and Frosty the Snowman.


  • Bows

The bow is also a popular decorative ornament for Christmas trees. It adds unique dramatic effects to the tree besides being easy to tie.

  • Cartoon Characters

Some families with young children prefer tree toppers of their kid's favorite cartoon characters. These dolls are adorned in the typical Christmas attire and styles. 

How to Choose Tree Toppers

Selecting the ideal tree topper can be challenging due to the many options available on the market; besides, they are the tree's prime focus. When choosing tree toppers, consider the following: 

  • Size

The size of the tree topper is a critical consideration when shopping. It should be proportional to the size of the Christmas tree. If the topper is too big, it will be too heavy for your tree, and if it's too small, it may look awkward. The bottom line is to maintain balance in all aspects of the tree. 

  • Weight

Typically, the topmost part of the Christmas tree can't bear the weight of heavy objects. In this respect, it's advisable to choose a lightweight tree topper to avoid overwhelming the tree. Go for those made of lighter materials. 

  • Theme

Your tree toppers should also be in line with the theme of the season. Also, consider toppers with your favorite color. Angel and star Christmas tree toppers are some of the decorative ornaments that reflect the Christmas season theme. 

The Best Hallmark Tree Toppers

Hallmark Tree toppers are made from different materials, including metal, blown glass, and plastic. They also come in varying sizes and shapes. Here are the top Hallmark tree toppers of all time:

1. Miniature Angelic Tree Topper

This glass tree topper includes an angel holding a star. It's a symbolic decorative ornament that comes in a mint box. It measures 2.25" W x 3.75" H.

2. Joy to the World Tree Topper  

This tree topper is attached to a lighting string and produces a magnificent glow when lighted. It measures 9½" H, thus ideal for a large Christmas tree.

3. Radiant Mini Tree Topper

A miniature star on the pinnacle of your Christmas tree is startling to everyone. This is what this radiant tree topper brings. It comes in a mint box and measures 3.9" W x 5.1" H x 0.6" D.

4. Mini Shining Star Tree Topper

This 1995 shining brass tree topper is perfect for your Christmas tree. Due to its size, you can also use it as a tabletop décor; it features a base. The entire topper, including the base, measures 4" H.

5. Santa Claus tree topper

If you're looking for a Santa Claus tree topper, this is one of the best options. It comes with the bells jingle-jangling—one of the theme songs for the season. The topper also features magical lights. You need to buy a separate cord power source. The tree topper measures 8" x 13 1/2" x 7 5/8".

6. Mary's Angels Tree Topper

This tree topper is designed by an iconic artist, Mary Hamilton, whose drawings have been embedded in Hallmark greeting cards for over five decades. It measures 7¼" H and bears her typical signature, "Mary." 

7. Christmas Star Glass Tree Topper

The 2011Hallmark Keepsake Tree Topper is a star-shaped Christmas tree topper ideal for the season. It comes in a mint box and is made of both metal and glass. Initially, this ornament was called Hallmark Gold Crown store exclusive. It measures 8½" x 8½" x 1½". 

8. Incandescent Snowflake Tree Topper

This is a 7.5" lighted tree topper. It comes with ten clear bulbs that provide an enviable display. It also features a post for easy installation. This incandescent tree topper has a green lead wire and plugs into standard sockets. 

How to Place Tree Poppers Safely on the Christmas Tree

When installing tree toppers, it's vital to observe safety precautions to avoid sustaining injuries. If your Christmas tree is tall, you should use a stepladder to make the installation process easy and safe. If you can't do it alone, you can request a family member or friend to help you. 

If the tree topper is made from fragile material like crystal or glass, you should handle it carefully besides keeping it out of your children's reach. 

Tree poppers that are connected to electricity need special care. You should not leave the power on when going to bed. Also, inspect the connections frequently to spot any loose wires or other risky pieces. Additionally, ensure the plug, wires, and sockets are in perfect working condition. 

Again, be cautious when watering your Christmas tree to avoid electrocution. And finally, never use tree toppers that can be a fire hazard.