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2020 Comic Con -Professor Boggart Snape - SDCC LIMITED ED of 3350

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Part Number: QMP4107
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2020 Professor Boggart Snape - Harry Potter
2020 Hallmark LIMITED EDITION Ornament


Item # QMP4107
Condition: Mint Ornament in Mint Box

2020 San Diego Comic-Con Event Exclusive 

Features Neville Longbottoms's boggart, his worst fear, Professor Severus Snape. After Neville uses the Riddikulus incantation on the boggart, Snape hilariously takes on the appearance of Neville's grandmother, complete with hat, heels, ruffle-hemmed skirt and handbag.

This PopMinded™ event exclusive ornament was issued in limited quantities and first available for the 2020 [email protected] event.

Total production: 3,350.

  • Artist: Kristina Gaughran
  • Released: 2020 ([email protected] & NYCC events)
  • Retail Price: $25.00 USA
  • Material(s):
  • Dimensions: 2.18" w. x 4.87" h. x 1.84" d.
  • SKU: QMP4107
  • Produced in: 
  • Production Date(s): 

NOTE: Professor Boggart Snape was scheduled to be released at the ECCC, PCC, & SDCC events that were cancelled due to the coronavirus. The ornament was released at the [email protected] event.

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