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1982 Ambassador Rocking Horse - NEVER ISSUED - Very RARE

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1982 Baby's First Christmas, Rocking Horse
Ambassador Ornament

Item #:
Condition: Mint ornament, No Box, a box was never printed for it.

Ambassador is a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards.

This 1982 Baby's First Christmas Rocking Horse ornament uses the same ornament mold as the 1980 Ambassador (by Hallmark) BROWN Rocking Horse, see picture...which was a regular production piece and fairly common.
The 1982 ornament has a blue rocker with a white horse with polka dots, and red mane and tail. The saddle is dated "1982" and the rocker reads "Baby's First Christmas"
This ornament was never issued. It is extremely rare, only a few exist...from the personal collection of retired/former Hallmark Employees)
This ornament was used in the Photography of a Springbok Puzzle issued by Hallmark in the 90's .

Approximately 50 different Ambassador (by Hallmark) ornaments were available in 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982.
These ornaments could be found in Woolworth's, Ben Franklin, card shops, supermarkets and drug stores.
These ornaments are truly a rare find for the collector.

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