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2021 Santa's Next Stop - ARTIST EVENT EXCLUSIVE w/ Two Artist Signatures

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2021 Santa's Next Stop
Artist Signing Event Exclusive
Includes two Artist Signatures
2021 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 
Item #:  QHT4002
Condition: New Mint Condition

Set the scene for a special visit from Santa Claus with this incredible Christmas tree ornament, signed by two random Keepsake Studio artists. Every artist in the Keepsake Studio was involved in creating the festive fireplace setting, crafting each element with his or her own personal creative touch. Intricate detailing makes this decoration look every bit as cozy as the holiday hearth it resembles.  PLEASE NOTE:  The fireplace features an applied antique stain finish...making each piece unique.
Design concept and art direction: Anita Marra Rogers
Fireplace: Rodney Gentry
Recessed Panels: Tom Best
Logs and Fire: Sharon Visker
Cookies and Milk: Kristina Gaughran
Teddy Bear in Stocking: Nina Aubé
Snowflake Stocking: Edythe Kegrize
Horn in Stocking: Robert Chad
Holly Stocking: Terri Steiger
Doll in Stocking: Tammy Haddix
Christmas Tree Stocking: Gregor Benedetti
Dog: Anita Marra Rogers
Pull-Toy Horse: Debra Nielsen
Snowmen on Mantel: Joanne Wright
Garland: Allie Jachimowicz
Clock: Orville Wilson
Clock Face: Matt Johnson (NOTE the time on the clock 12:25 !)
Fireplace Tools: Tracy Larsen
Nutcracker in Green Coat: Emma Leturgez-Smith
Nutcracker in Red Coat: Nello Williams
Bucket of Wood: Jake Angell
Andirons: Robert Hurlburt

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