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Hallmark Keepsake Magic Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Magic Ornaments
The Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornaments have always been very popular with Hallmark Keepsake Collectors. Here are a few notes to remember if you're having a problem with your Hallmark Magic ornament.
Follow Instructions for Operation: Make sure you are following the intructions for operation correctly. Some magic ornaments have control switches or on/off buttons or switches. Each ornament is different, make sure you are operating the ornament according to the instructions provided.
UL Listed Ornaments - The UL Listed ornaments are the magic ornaments that plug directly into your miniature light strand.
  • Make sure the connector cord is making proper electrical  connection. You may need a light strand adapter.
  • If the ornament is plugged into a light strand with other magic ornaments; begin by removing any other magic ornaments plugged into the same light strand. This almost always solves any problem.
  • The newer UL Listed ornaments often do not work on a light strand that also powers an older UL Listed ornament.
  • Repair: As far as we are aware there is NO ONE who offers repair for the UL Listed ornaments. It is our understanding that UL Listed ornaments were not made to be "opened up" for repair.
Battery Powered Ornaments - Hooked on Ornaments tries to include the battery size in the item description page for battery operated ornaments. This is an ongoing project, but MOST battery operated ornaments include the button cell battery information on the item description page. Like any battery, the batteries will go dead. It is important to replace the battery with the correct size. Each ornament that lists battery size also includes a link to our battery page if you would like to purchase replacement batteries from us.
Wind Up and Pull String - It is possible to over wind the mechanism inside of these ornaments by pulling the string to hard or by winding the key too far. Operate these ornaments with care.
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