How Many Ornaments Fit on My Christmas Tree?

Christmas is a time of great joy, which often comes with large-scale festivities. People find all kinds of ways to celebrate. Some traditions are humble, such as attending church and spending time with family. Others can be quite wild, such as indulging in alcoholic eggnog and staging raucous parties. Plenty are just plain fun, such as exchanging gifts, playing games, eating sweets, and more.

One popular custom of the holiday is setting up a Christmas tree within one’s home. Just having a tree (or an artificial version) inside a living space is unusual enough on its own. However, it can be even more magical with some decorations. If you want to go all-out with your own tree, we can answer some questions and give some professional advice.

The Importance of Decoration Space

Choosing a Christmas tree is not always simple, especially for people who prefer making plans over leaving things to chance. Various criteria warrant some level of consideration. Price is often a major factor. The general appearance, including the style of the branches and the color of the leaves, may also be important.

For those who are serious about their ornaments, the amount of space on the tree may be decisive. After all, getting a tree with too little room may result in an ugly, cluttered appearance. It may even force you to leave out some of your favorite ornaments. On the other hand, getting one that is too big may result in a tree with too much empty space.

Either way, getting the wrong size would look weird and mess with the holiday vibes. It would also be unflattering to collectors, who only get one season a year to show off their ornaments. Luckily, you can roughly estimate how many ornaments would fit on a given tree just by knowing on factor: its height.

How Much Can I Fit?

Knowing the tree’s height is about more than just knowing the number of feet from the base to the point. It also serves as an indication for how much decoration space will be available for your decorations. The rule of thumb is that if it is shorter than nine feet, you can fit an average of 12 ornaments per foot. If it is taller than that, the average goes up to about 16 per foot.

Please note that we say “average” because of the tree’s conical shape. The lowest foot of the tree will have the most decoration space. The branches are longer, and the ring is wider. Meanwhile, the highest portion will have the least. The tree literally stops at a point, and the circumference of that ring is tiny.

Before you go out shopping for Christmas trees, you may want to count just how many ornaments you have in your collection. With that information at your disposal, you can make a choice that will let you show everything you have without too much extra space.

The Most Popular Christmas Tree Decorations

“How many decorations can I fit on my tree?” is a question worth asking and answering. With that said, you may also want to know: “How can I even decorate it?” After all, the amount of space you have is only as good as how you use it. Below, we describe a few of the most popular decorations. You do not need to choose all of them, but they are worth considering:

  • Strings of Lights

Christmas trees may look lovely enough on their own, but strings of lights can bring them to life. Many come with a rainbow’s worth of colored bulbs, and some can even twinkle. If you are not sure, just imagine lying on the sofa at night, with the whole house dark except for the glow of the tree. Better still, imagine your children experiencing that Christmas magic.

  • Stars

The Christmas star refers to the light in the sky that led the Three Wise Men to the manger where Jesus Christ was born. Your own tree can pay tribute to that piece of Christian iconography with its own little star, shining from the highest bough. Religious symbolism aside, it can simply make the tree look even nicer.

  • Other Tree Toppers

Stars are not the only decorations that can be stuck on the point of the tree. Other examples of toppers may include angel dolls, light-up snowflakes, gift bows, and even Santa hats. You and your loved ones can get creative with other ideas.

  • Garlands

Garlands take the concept of the standard, spherical ornament to another level. Instead of scattering these orbs throughout the tree like polka dots, you can string many of them together and wrap them around the branches. The results can be dazzling.

  • Tree Skirts

Tree skirts serve some important functions, including collecting shed leaves, cushioning fallen ornaments, and even supporting the base. Of course, they can be pretty in addition to being practical. Many tree skirts feature all kinds of fun designs, adding yet another level of aesthetic pleasure to the very bottom of the tree.

Kurt Adler Ornaments

Ornaments are baubles designed specifically to hang from Christmas tree branches. Many are orbs that are brightly colored but otherwise plain. Some feature more detailed artwork, and others are even tiny sculptures. Then there are the ones that go above and beyond, like those produced by Kurt S. Adler Inc.

This special manufacturer has produced stunning, high-quality Christmas ornaments for 75 years. An unusual level of intricacy goes into the sculpting and painting. That commitment to detail is why so many brands have partnered with the company. Kurt Adler ornaments encompass themes as varied as Game of Thrones, the Girl Scouts of America, the Coca-Cola Santa Claus, and plush dogs. Of course, that list is just a small sample.

If you want to add some Kurt Adler ornaments to your Christmas tree, look no further than Hooked on Ornaments. Hallmark may be our specialty, but we know great collectible products when we see them. We offer so many that you could fill all the space in your tree with no problem.