Shopping for Hallmark Christmas Ornaments on Sale After the Holidays

What do Hallmark Christmas ornaments have in common with Pokémon trading cards, Funko Pops, pogs, and stamps? They are all collectibles. Hallmark releases an array of new ones every year, just as they have for decades. Casual fans can get just the ones they want for their Christmas tree and their home. Hardcore enthusiasts don’t just hunt for the new ones, but for the classics as well — and often with more vigor.

One way that Hallmark Christmas ornaments stand out from those goodies is that they are seasonal. Their release coincides with the winter holidays. However, that does not mean you need to join the Christmas rush. In fact, waiting a bit longer can be great for finding Hallmark Christmas ornaments on sale. We’ll explain more in this article.

Why Get Them on Sale?

The novice collector may not see the big deal in searching for Christmas ornaments on sale. The average tree bauble only costs a few bucks, and even getting a new one shouldn’t break the bank.

However, as with any other types of collectibles, the quest to build up your compendium of Hallmark Christmas ornament can be an expensive habit. Collections are meant to grow. So do the costs, as you add more and more of your finds.

Each wave of new Hallmark releases features dozens of ornaments. Fellow collectors like to snap them up quickly, leaving you to wait for restocking. Some like to resell their purchases at inflated prices, and those who want them must be willing to bid. Granted, you could just accept that you won’t get all the ones you want. However, if you truly desire an ornament whose limited run is already sold out, you may find yourself taking the leap.

On top of that, the real jewels in any collection are the vintage discoveries that have survived over the years. Not unlike actual jewels, they will likely come at a high price, especially if they are in mint condition. Just one of these classics may cost far more than several new releases combined.

Having a hobby can be fun. However, spending too much on it can leave you unsatisfied and even in financial trouble. Collectors with a healthy passion for the pursuit can employ different practices and strategies for buying Hallmark Christmas ornaments on sale or at lower costs.

Why Buy Ornaments After the Holidays?

What is a collector to do when Hallmark announces the next wave of ornaments? Your moves may depend on your priorities. If you just want the baubles as soon as possible, you could prepare to be among the first customers on the launch date. If you prefer to get them at a lower price, though, you may need to be a little more patient.

Hallmark Christmas ornaments are, obviously, connected to the Christmas season. Their purpose, aside from being collectibles, is to decorate a Christmas tree as part of the occasion’s traditions. Retailers are always eager to profit from the holiday hype, so they might charge high prices for any of Hallmark’s anticipated new releases.

Sometimes, retailers stock up more items than they end up selling. When the Christmas season ends, the demand for all Christmas-related goodies vanishes overnight. The goodies themselves remain. Desperate to make back their investment, these businesses may offer the leftover supplies at “off-season” discounts.

This is the time for budget-conscious collectors to snap up Hallmark Christmas ornaments on sale. They may not go on sale again until after the following Christmas. In fact, they may never be this inexpensive again. If that wave of releases includes anything you really want, get it at low prices while you can.

We must note that this strategy comes with a little risk. Some Hallmark Christmas ornaments only receive a limited run. If the whole line sells out before December 26, then there may not be any leftovers to get at a discount. Just be careful, know what you want, and put off any purchases that can wait.

Getting Classics Without the Box

The “wait after Christmas” strategy may work well for getting new Hallmark Christmas ornaments on sale for cheap. But how can you find lower prices on older ornaments? After all, they are more likely to be found in specialty shops than in department stores. They are also less likely to go on sale, even in the post-holiday season.

You could settle for lower quality. Vintage Christmas ornaments in mint condition are rarer than those in great or good condition. Of course, not every collector is willing to compromise on that front. There is something special about an easily dismissed object enduring through the years without so much as a scratch. Such a find would be an incredible addition to any collection.

That is why we propose an alternative: acquiring the ornament without any of its "ornamentation". By that, we mean the original packaging that contained the ornament during its initial release. Finding a decades-old ornament inside its case is even rarer than finding the ornament by itself. As a result, its price would be substantially higher.

Getting perfect-condition classics for your collection without their respective boxes is a solid compromise for collectors on a budget. This practice would enable you to splurge on a gem without worrying about paying extra for something that isn’t needed. Getting the original packaging in mint condition may be more impressive, sure, but getting the ornament in equally good condition is impressive enough.

Christmas Ornaments on Sale Year-Round

Yet another good strategy for financially responsible collecting would be finding a business that offers Hallmark Christmas ornaments on sale all year long. Here at Hooked on Hallmark, you can find some amazing discoveries at discounted prices on our special Dents & Dings Sales page. Some of the classic ornaments on this page come with slightly damaged boxes, while others come without any boxes at all. Yet the ornaments themselves are in pristine condition — only their packaging has dents and dings. Check it out today and see what beauties you can get at a steal.